The Economic Times presents ACETECH

The Economic Times ACETECH is a leading trade fair in Asia for architecture, building materials, innovation and design and only third-of-its-kind in the world. ET ACETECH witnesses the finest national and international brands, eminent architects, real estate developers, hoteliers, equity investors, builders, engineers and designers from India and the world. Top government authorities have graced the event over the years.

ACETECH and WebShakers have been in partnership since 2016. We have consistently worked to achieve the three main objectives for ACETECH. First being brand awareness in International and national front. Second, to get them online registrations.

Third, the social media upliftment of their brand on all digital platforms.

We achieved the objectives by creating different strategies for different target audiences. We built an uber looking landing page for them and had them trending on Twitter during the days of the event. We leveraged their brand ambassador for the year, Mr Amitabh Bachchan in all our communication and created a campaign that lived up to the name- #AceWithAmitabh for the year 2018.