CIPLA was looking for branding companies in Mumbai to launch a new brand in the industry for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis called ‘Sclerogem’. Only 2 lakhs of the entire Indian population suffer from this rare neurological brain disorder. The typical age group to be affected by this disease is 20-40 years.

During the brand launch, we aimed to build a strong personality of the new market player Sclerogem in the Doctors' mind.

The strategy suggested by us was to take an emotional creative approach instead of the redundant old scientific approach to communicate the brand tonality.

We curated a photo album in the form of a visual aid (doctor's medical communication) in which we photo depicted events wherein the company's legacy of providing aid and care for the rare was highlighted. We showcased the fact that just because multiple sclerosis patients are rare, does not mean that CIPLA does not care for them.

An emotional appeal of the launch campaign in the form of 'HOPE FOR HANDFUL' with a combination of scientific data towards the end was delivered. Visual Aid was widely appreciated and nominated as one of the most unique ways of creating a visual aid by CIPLA.